Can You Chew Sugar Free Gum When You Have Braces

Can You Chew Sugar Free Gum When You Have Braces

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The candy and gum industry has created tasty treats without using pure sugar. I chewed gum while i wore my braces.

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It is thought that the act of chewing gum increases saliva production and so washes away bacteria.

Can you chew sugar free gum when you have braces. Although i do not recommend chewing gum because of the stress it puts on the temporal mandibular joint (tmj), for those who do, i recommend gum that contains xylitol. Besides, it removes bad breath and maintains an oral hygiene routine when you busy or forget to brush your teeth or chew gum for 20 minutes to stop tooth decay. How to chew gum with braces.

Many have heard a rumor that they can chew sugarfree gum in order to skip the bad stuff that may get caught behind the brackets, but this is still is not so much the sugar in the gum as it is the gum itself, and no matter the sugar content, gum will still bend brackets, so no, you cannot chew sugar free gum with braces. Chewing sugar free gum may be damaging to braces. If you do decide to risk chewing gum with braces, it’s crucial to avoid any gums that contain real sugar.

The most popular sugarfree gum brands are xylitol, xyloburst, orbit, glee gum, peppersmith and pür. Some of the items on the list are: So this type is the most apparent gum you can chew with braces.

Just remember to avoid gum that contains sugar. This list is a list of items you should not chew because, to some extent, braces are fragile and you can damage the braces. The second reason is that the sugars can adhere themselves to your teeth for long periods of time, possibly leading you to.

Just think every time you choose gum that contains sugar you are putting your teeth at jeopardy. But, this is important, for it to work effectively, you need to ingest 2 grams per day, so check the labels carefully. It actually reduces the number of cavity forming bacteria in your mouth.

It is an important process in preventing decay as much as any of the chemicals placed in the chewing gum. While it’s not exactly rocket science, chewing gum while wearing braces does need to be a bit more strategic. Well, of course you can chew gum and wear braces.

I only ever chewed sugar free gum but, i never had any. That can be a sticky question. So you have tried chewing a few gum sticks and the brackets have yet to fall out.

Most dentist will say only sugar free gum,but i have chewed plenty of gum with my braces that have not been sugar free the only gum you really need to stay. But it may also have some benefits for teeth, such as reducing cavities. If you’re disappointed that gum and braces aren’t a good match, keep your awesome final results in mind.

Sugar is well known for causing cavities. When a new patient gets their braces placed on their teeth, a do not chew list is usually given to the parent and/or patient. In fact, in some cases we not only permit chewing gum with braces, we encourage it.

Can you chew gum when you have braces? But, should you chew gum and wear braces? Well, of course you can chew gum and wear braces.

The first reason for this is simply that sugary gum is extremely sticky and difficult to clean out of braces. That can be a sticky question. And so we can now be more flexible in permitting our patients to chew gum with braces.

Can you chew sugar free gum with braces? Ah…the conundrum of whether or not to chew gum while wearing braces. Recent studies on gum by the american dental association report that when you can’t brush your.

It is better to choose the soft strips for those with. While there is no special type of chewing gum for braces, you can choose out of soft strips or hard pellets. But, should you chew gum and wear braces?

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Chewing gum stimulates saliva production and can help

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